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0.8 To Go Sushi Containers


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Prepackage sushi, sashimi rolls, and other fresh selections with this NL Products 0.8 medium sushi container with lid. This container and lid combo is a must-have for any Asian restaurant, sushi spot, or grocery store / deli. It provides the perfect way to package up fresh sushi for your patrons to enjoy later! This container is made of durable plastic with a clear dome lid that provides excellent product visibility, enticing customers by allowing easy product identification. This lid also provides a secure seal, preventing spills and messes and is unhinged in design for easy opening.

This medium black container is the perfect background to display your bright and tasty California, spicy tuna, or veggie rolls. Fill this container to place in your display case, or use this container to send leftovers home with your patrons after they’ve enjoyed a sit-down meal. Plus, these containers stack with one another for an organized display and convenient storage. Designed for single use, this container can be recycled, making it perfect for any eco-conscious establishment. It is a great solution for pre-packaged foods or to-go options!

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 6 1/2″
Width: 4 1/2″
Height: 1 3/4″