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9’’ x 9’’ x 3’’ Foam Containers


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Convenient and efficient, this Dart 90HTPF1R white foam square container is perfect for your takeout service or packaging patrons’ leftovers. From to-go orders of cheesy bacon French fries to paninis from your cafe, this all-purpose clamshell container is a reliable and convenient item for your business. The square design creates a large surface for family-sized side orders, appetizers, burgers and fries, kids’ meals, and more! Featuring a hinged lid, this container can be quickly and easily closed to keep up with the fast-paced environment of your restaurant or take out venue. The hinge is perforated, allowing customers to easily remove the lid and use it as an extra plate or bowl. With two secure closure tabs, this tightly sealed container is protected against accidental openings and spills during transport, giving your guests peace of mind knowing their meal is tightly contained. Plus, the insulated foam construction ensures your patrons’ food remains hot or chilled until they are ready to eat, plus the foam material makes it a more cost-efficient option over other materials. Patrons can easily remove the lid, enabling them to use the container as a plate and eat directly from the container. With the lid out of the picture, patrons can fill their table with more of your scrumptious food!

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 9 3/8″
Width: 9″
Height: 3″