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Kraft Folded Paper Container #8


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NL Products Fold-To-Go Boxes’ high-quality design will add sophistication to your take out service that your customers will love. The one-piece design requires no assembly and allows it to hold food, gravy and sauce. It could also be a great way to package appetizers, cookies, candy, or gifts. The Fold-To-Go take out container is made of heavy-duty paperboard with a poly lining, which makes it microwavable, stackable, cut resistant, leak-resistant, and grease resistant. Available in three popular sizes, this product will give your customers and your staff flexible storage and take-out options.


  • Size: 48 fl oz
  • Color: Kraft
  • Measurements (LxWxH): 5.9″x4.6″x2.4″
  • Available Sizes: 30 fl oz, 48 fl oz
  • Units Sold By: Case 300 boxes (50 pcs per sleeve / 6 sleeves per case)